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The best features of our generator tool

Updated regularly

We are always testing and upgrading our interal software to make sure that we keep up with any game updates. You can be sure that it is always safe to use.


Our advanced software is able to detect whether the game servers have flagged any account. This means that our clash of kings hack tool will only proccess the hack if it believes that your account is safe.

Free forever

After spending months developing our clash of kings cheats tool, we decided that it will only benefit the maximum amount of people if it was free to use.

Easy to use

Our hack tool is very simple and easy to use. Simply enter a few details and press a button. That is all you need to do in order to generate your items!

Browser based

We believe that the most simple way to for users to use our tool is for it to be in the browser. Therefore you do not need to download any external software to hack clash of kings.

Fast Algorithm

Speed and security were our number one priorites. Therefore we make use of the RESTful API systems in order to communicate with our servers kernal systems.

What Is This Clash of Kings Hack Tool?

Brief explanation of our online generator tool and the clash of kings game

Clash of Kings Hack

Clash of kings is a game that has been developed by Elex wireless. It is a game where the objective is for players to spend time gathering resoures like food, gold, woods, iron and mithril. Then they will use these resources in order to create items to battle other players in the game. The games has been rated as PEGI 12 which means that it is suitable for a 12 year old to play the game.

We have developed our clash of kings hack tool in order for players to be able to play the fun parts of the game without spending hundreds of hours trying to obtain resources. This means that you will no longer need to spend hours each day trying to get food, gold, woods, iron and mithril. This is because you can use our generate tool in order to gain these valuable items so that you can progess in the game easily. You can also share our tool with all of your friends so that they can benefit from it also.

The clash of kings game is avaliable to be played on both android and iOS. This means you can use either the Google play store or the Apple app store to download the game onto any compatabile device. The current version of the game has had nearly 50 Million installs.

The way that our clash of kings cheats tool works is by replicating a vulnerability the our developers found in the elex wireless game servers. This bug has allowed us to externally modify the obfuscated server code. This means we are able to edit your account and change the value for each of the resources. Since everything is encrypted we have developed our own decryption algorithm which is extremely fast. We use a RESTful JSON api in order to achieve a high level of speed and security.

In order for your account to be safe, we have also developed an advanced anti-detection system. This allows our servers to find out if the firmware or code of the main elex wireless servers has been altered. Therefore we will not process any hacks if the game code has been updated. This means that the hack will only be processed when we believe that there is absolutely no risk to your game account.

I hope that you enjoy using our tool. We have spent countless hours developing this tool. Please share this with all of your friends so that they can benefit from it aswell.


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Steven Bowles

Clash of Kings Player

I managed to use this amazing tool to generate 100,000 gold and also 500,000 woods. Thank you so much!

Henry McLaughlin

Clash of Kings Player

This tool has literally saved me 100 hours of doing useless things. I have donated to the developers for their hard work.

Billy Foster

Clash of Kings Player

I have shared this with all my friends and they are all very happy with it. Thanks again.